Elephant stop in Thailand


Look to the right: Here you’ll find – neatly listed in green letters – the pages you can find here. These are:

  • Background information
    What is this „Thai-Team“ all about? Here are the answers.
  • The team
    Where to learn more about the team & each of its members? Here you are right.
  • Our route & time-schedule
    Which path we will take? Here we’ll present our plans.
  • Our blogs
    Where to find our stories? Here you will find your way to the authors and their blogs.
  • Our photos
    Where to find our pictures? Here you will find your way to the photographers and the pictures they hunted for you.
  • Our videos
    Where to find our videos? Here you will find your way to the the film formats and each of the clips.
  • Our links
    What we know or discover about Thailand? Here we will publish useful information and links. Well, not yet. We want to collect the best together with our virtual co-travelers during the trip. When we return, this will be part of our souvenir for you.
  • Contact us
    Where and how can you meet and contact the Thai-Team and its members? Here are the ways to contact us.

That was the overview! Have fun diving into the pages. Hoping to see you around frequently. You are invited to join our trip and become a virtual co-traveler. Just leave your email in the newsletter box to the right and we’ll send you the flight tickets. On the 05.12 and 07.12. the adventure starts…

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  1. Hi Zuhal, Douglas & Deniz,
    I guess it was around 30 degrees here, just one zero more than over there in Izmir, that’s all. We try our very best to enjoy our time here, hard work. Coal smoke just comes from the B.B.Q. fire-place, but we can handle that. Will update some more pictures soon from Koh Tao, Thailand. Greetings to Izmir.

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