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Winning the first prize of … 15,000 $ was our modest goal …

… participating in recently. In this contest teams competed to become the „Ultimate Thailand Explorers„. Evren & Thomas from Izmir, Turkey applied as reporters for the Chiang Mai region, Julia & Erdal from Berlin, Germany applied for Bangkok. Both were confident to be among the finalists to be sent to Thailand for the big Show-Down in December. The Izmir folks were told several times that their video was considered one of the most creative of the 192 applications. The Berlin folks put their trust into their  already existing and well-frequented Thailand blog. Both teams wanted to meet up after the Ultimate Thailand Competition to invest the prize money into some relaxing days at a marvelous beach with beer, massage and delicious food, but …

… to cut a long story short …

we didn’t even make it into the semi-finals. So what were we to do:

1. Retreat, cry & turn into couch potatoes and spend December in freezing Berlin & raining Izmir.
2. We do this Explorer stuff ourselves. Link-up the team. Reach-out and just … GO !!!

Well, we made the obvious decision: We go to Thailand.

Here is our to-do-list before we go …

  • Double-up the Team ! 2 x 2 = Thai-Team. Instead of a single couple reporting for just one week from one region, we’ll double up and report for several weeks from different regions. Here you get two for the price of one.
  • Get the Gear ready ! Flights are booked. Now search and prepare media tools and technical equipments.
  • Work on the Logistics ! Build up technical & communicational infrastructure for reporting. These internet sites are part of it.
  • Get you and others involved. What? How?

We hope you will also …

  • be curious about how this project develops.
  • feel the excitement and the fun of the process.
  • enjoy the news, stories, pics & clips we will send you.
  • join in with comments and suggestions
  • or we even meet you on the road.
  • cast your vote whether or not we have earned the title of the Unoffical Ultimate Thailand Explorers.

Therefore… We want to invite you to become our virtual co-traveller. How?

  • Leave your email address in the newsletter box on the top right.
  • You are a Facebook member? Click here and join our Facebook Thai-Team group.
  • Click here and subscribe to the Thai-Team blog of your choice.
  • Click here for further ride possibilities (e.g. via Flickr, YouTube or Vimeo)

We would like to ask you for a BIG Favor.

Please join and get others on board, too, by sending this link along with a personal note to as many of your friends & networks as you can. Let that snowball roll! Ready? steady? Thanks!

To take 1000 of you with us

as Facies, Twitters, Bloggers, YouTubbies, Flickrli etc. when we board the plane in December and start reporting is our new goal. Will you be one of us?  See you then!

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