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What is the Thai-Team doing ?
With whom are they meeting? Where are they now? Are they struggling through the jungle or lying lazily with a cocktail on the beach? Are they meditating in a Buddhist temple or are they on a wild night out in Bangkok? Follow one or several of the bloggers to find out.

Subscribe to their blog and they’ll send you a short daily update on the tour. On their Blog you can easily leave your comments, add information & give hints. Our writers will highly appreciate your input! Let’s talk, discover & explore together!

Erdals Blog de[RSSImport display=“2″ feedurl=“http://thailand.mama-huhu.de/?feed=rss2″]

Thomas‘ Blog de gb [RSSImport display=“2″ feedurl=“http://thomas.mama-huhu.de/?feed=rss2″]

Julias Blog de gb [RSSImport display=“2″ feedurl=“http://travel-appetite.de/feed/“]

Evrens Blogtr[RSSImport display=“2″ feedurl=“http://www.myevren.com/?feed=rss2″]

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