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Between 06.12.2009 and 06.01.2010 you will find here a fresh & crisp movies which we didn’t think about budget and expendiges. Acted, directed, dubbed, and edited for you. While you are enjoying those movies below, we prepare others. 

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The Island from Thai-Team on Vimeo.

Thai-Team proudly presents…

Tha Island. A stormy day. Julia, Erdal, Evren and Thomas open their eyes on a tropic island. What happenes later? If you wanna share this great excitement, It is one click away. You won’t able to sit and bite on your finger nails while watching.

Very Special

Here you can find very special movies prepared by the two members of Thai-Team. Thomas and Evren worked as cameraman and Evren as editor. It’s time to watch their movies. It is your turn now.

Film 8 – Koh Yang Nuan
Film 7 – National Park
Film 6 – Grand Palace Bangkok
Film 5 – Skytrain
Film 4 – Evren & Thomas on the road
Film 3 – Mehmet’le Istanbul
Film 2 – Thai-Team
Film 1 – culture-tour news

Ask the Oracle

Here you find Julia and Erdals movies they worked both as cameraman, editor and director. It’s time to watch their movies. It is your turn now. 100 % Amateurproduction 😉

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