The Team

The Members of the Thai-Team

O.k. you are right we do not look really very Thai, but we love Thailand and we’ll be traveling the country in December.
You want to join ? Follow our footprints in the web & our footsteps through the country.
You want to know more about us? Here some information about each member of the crew.

Hi, I am Evren, I have a strong educational and professional background in media production. During the last 12 months I worked as a screenplay writer and director for the TRT (Turkish Radio & Televion) & EBU (European Broadcast Union) documentary “Animals in Danger”. Now I am getting excited about preparing for this culture-tour  travel project. I focused on visual arts from an early age. I started university when I was 16 and graduated from the Marmara University, Communication Faculty, Radio TV and Cinema Department when I was 20. During my studies, I started working for TRT, which lead to more than 12 years of working experience in the Media world . I love visual arts and I am familiar with all aspects and phases of a film project. I usually focus on children, their living environment, their interests and their points of view. And I like to shoot pictures and write stories for kids. Now I am eager to do my next film project in Thailand (

Hello I am Thomas. My patchwork biography made me more of a generalist. During the last 18 months I was in charge of the German Embassy School in Izmir, Turkey. First, I brought the idea of this school into existence as the project manager and later I was its first headmaster. Now back to my real devotion: traveling and exploring other countries & cultures. I started to wander out into the world more and more as the years passed by and spent most of my last twenty years traveling, working and living in different parts of the globe. At the universities in Münster, & Berlin (Germany) and Salamanca (Spain) I studied languages and did regional studies (Latin American as well as North American studies) and economic policy. I am interested in other countries, their geography, history, economy, languages, people and unique cultures. I love to travel, live and work in new environments and take pictures. Now I am looking forward to going to Thailand. Travel, Pictures,… (

Hi there, I am Julia. My biography is also a bit unconventional. Currently I am busy with three jobs: student, nursery nurse and receptionist. Last year I did a six-month internship at the German Embassy School in Izmir. One of the different projects I carried out there was a class council implementation for kids to learn how to debate. Now the travel-bug bit me and the excitement for our Thailand project took hold of me. After having finished an apprenticeship in restaurant management and later hotel management, I entered the work-force as employee of a hotel. “This can’t be all there is in my life”, I thought and so I decided to study: first facility management and later pedagogy/social work. In order to survive my student period I use to have 2 – 3 jobs at the same time. It’s my goal to learn and experience more about other people and their cultures and I want to see more of this beautiful world – as much as I can in my short life. Now I am set on fire and ready to start reporting from Thailand (


Last but not least, I am Erdal. Like others inthe team, my biography is also not so regular. Other distractions were too inviting. As a freelance engineer I get many opportunities to work on different projects and meet many different people. Now I am working on a Bulgarian project and which keeps me sometimes in Sofia. This culture-tour project is a welcomed distraction that I can’t resist. During my studies in civil engineering in Berlin I met many people from various countries and I listened to their stories about their cultural background. These stories were so colorful  that I made up my mind and dreamt of seeing more than 100 countries or more than 200 cities in this world. Is it possible? Perhaps. But most important is the journey itself not list ticking. I want to smell of the air of new environments, taste a variety of foods and learn at least the 100 words most important words of the language of each country I visit. The ticket in my hand and good friends around me. What are we waiting for? Let’s go! (


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